Younger and Younger Grows the Snowbird

Some snowbirds stay at an RV sight overnight. Some skip campgrounds weekly. Some rejoin their friends annually at the best RV resorts in the Nation.

This we know. They travel to Florida, Arizona, California and various destinations as far as Canada. They caravan, come alone, or are accompanied by family and friends. What they have in common is that they are all in hot pursuit of a place that is hot enough to pursue.The interesting part about what is occurring during the snow bird season is not that they continue to come year after year; and where they choose to stay, but rather who they are. Several local Tucson dealers as well as campground workers have been noticing up rises in the number of youthful snowbirds.

Clint Ethington, manager of Pedata RV in Tucson says that "the number of younger RV goers is definitely increasing." He sees it day to day and month to month. "We have always had a percentage of younger RV customers, but lately this number seems to be on the rise" comments Ethington.The question is why are there so many younger snowbirds? William Keith, a 25 year old father of one currently snow birding in Tucson Arizona says that "the good life is not reserved for those 55 and older, that is only to get the senior citizens discount." William Keith is a native Indianan.

When asked how he managed to get enough time off of work to snowbird in Tucson, Keith replied "I'm sort of the boss there." His traveling companion later went on to disclose that William Keith was a self made million air, with the apparent freedom to travel during the snowbird season.After speaking with a few families from the younger RVing crowd, the census was that most of them were able to snowbird at their ages, ranging from 25 and up, due to owning their own companies. It has apparently become some what of a trend among young business owners. Plus the select few that simply save their annual weeks paid vacation to be able to get out of the cold and join the lucky birds, if only for a short time.

.About the Author: Julie Jacobs is an avid RVer and reports from the road about rvs and rv travel. Find more rv related articles at http://www.

By: Julie Jacobs


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