What to Look for when Buying a Snowboard

1. Height.There are 3 different heights of snowboards; short, medium and long.

A short board will come somewhere between you're collar bone and you're chin. Short snowboards are easy to ride on; so many people prefer them for learning on. Short snowboards are also great for people who like to do a lot of tricks. A medium board will be anywhere between you're chin and you're nose. Intermediate riders prefer medium boards, but so do certain advanced riders who like to ride on different types of terrain. Long boards will be from eye level to above you're head and are used by advanced riders who are looking to get a lot of high speed carving.

Long boards are excellent for deep powder snow and mountains.2. Width.

The width of you're snowboard will relate directly to the size of you're feet. If you're feet are long you will need and wide snowboard, if you're feet are small you will need a narrower one. When standing on a board, you're feet should meet the edge of the bored or you're toes should only hang slightly over.

If you're feet are hanging off you're bored, you risk the chance of you're boot catching on the snow while you ride. As well, if you're feet are much too small for you're board, you are not going to be able to get the amount of control you need to direct you're board. Snowboards and Gear.

3. Type of snowboard.Before you purchase a snowboard you will want to decide which type of board is right for you. There are three types of snowboards, which are freestyle, free ride and free carve. Freestyle is the most popular type of board today. Freestyle boards are great for doing jumps, tricks, rails and half pipes.

A freestyle board is relatively short, and made for soft boots who are designed specifically for doing tricks; most boarding competitions are based around the freestyle board. A free ride board is perfect for people who like open terrain such as the mountains, trees and powder shoots. Free riding is where the pros show what they are really made of. Free ride boards are generally longer than freestyle boards, but they also use a soft boot.

If you're not sure what kind of boarding you prefer or if you like doing everything, this is a great, versatile board for you. Free carve boards are often overlooked in the world of snowboarding. Specifically made for speed and carving, these boards use a hard boot and a long stiff board.

Used on packed snow, there is generally little or no jumping involved in this style of boarding. This is a popular Olympic sport in which the riders swing around flags or poles.

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