Volleyball Mental Toughness How To Spark that Volleyball FIRE in your Players

After winning the first set, your team has dropped the last two in a row. Their backs are against the wall and they are playing back on their heels. Chins are dragging on the floor, and the bench is quiet.It's driving you crazy! How do you spark that volleyball fire in your players even though they are behind the eight ball? Scream? Yell? Stomp your feet? No way!.Remind your players that they have no chance of winning if they already count themselves out.

They have already won the one game, and they only have to win another to get back in the match.All of a sudden it doesn't sound so bad does it.When your players are losing, they focus far too much on the serve they hit into the net or the easy dig they missed because they were out of position. It is a proven fact that the more a player dwells on the negative aspects of a game, the more likely they are to repeat those mistakes.

It is planted in their mind ? now you have to uproot it!.Emphasize that run of six points the team had to make the third set close; remind them of the amazing stuffs they made on the opposing team's top power. Talk about the killer hit that ricocheted the top of their setter's head and into the crowd. ANYTHING to get your players smiling, laughing and now motivated towards the positive things that they have done.

Focus on winning one point at a time. Too many players will be so focused on the end result that it affects their big hits, digs and jump serves along the way. Get them back to doing things right.Your players don't have to be superstars and make amazing plays (although it does help).

All they need to do is execute their passes, get the sets above the net, and hammer the hit down the opponent's court.The tide of a game can change in your favor, or it can come crashing down on your head. Remove the doubt from your player's minds and they will come out fighting for a win!.

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By: Hayley Merrett


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