Tips for a Superbowl Party

If you are planning to host a Super Bowl party this year, here are ten tips that you will need to know to achieve a successful event.Tip number one- collect the keys from guests as they enter your house. They may not agree with it initially, but if something were to happen as a result of excess drinking at your party, you'll regret it!.Tip number two- set up multiple television sets. The biggest T.V.

is the focal point of the party. Set up another T.V. around the buffet table. Guests will appreciate being able to go for a snack without missing a big play.Tip number three- serve easy finger foods, chips, dips, chicken wings, pizza, and/or heroes.

A Super Bowl party is about three things; football, food and beer. Make sure you have enough of each item.Tip number four- decorate with team colors and football related items. Let's face it; Super Bowl parties are a guy's affair. How many guys do you know that are into watching football and care about the presentation of a buffet table? Keep the party "guy friendly".

Tip number five- play a drinking game in which guests take a shot when their quarterback goes down.Tip number six- set up a separate kid friendly room (away from the alcohol!) with a television, snacks and plenty of soda.Tip number seven- supply plenty of napkins and toothpicks. Finger foods can be messy and the last things on guest's minds are keeping the house neat and stain free.Tip number eight- be sure there is plenty of sitting and standing room in view of the television.Tip number nine- have plenty of soda on hand and offer coffee halfway though the party.

Tip number ten- have extra cash on hand to cover bets and for cab fare for your friends. Be responsible for all your guests, and don't allow anyone to drive home drunk.

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By: Gail Leino


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