The History of Argyle Socks

Now, who would think Argyle socks had much of a history? I found out more about them then I really expected to find. Argyle socks were very popular in the 1920's. They were usually over the calf socks that were worn with knickers or short pants. The word Argyle describes a pattern of two or more colored diamonds. Argyles were first seen in Britain. They were worn by members of the Campbell clan.

They were from Argyll, Scotland. The clan became popular when they were mentioned by the Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott. The name of the socks became Argyles after the Scottish town. In the late eighteenth century the knitted pattern was beginning to be adopted by many manufacturers' as the Argyle Plaid. The socks became known as argyle socks.

Their popularity waxed and waned over the years. The original pattern of the Campbell clan was the traditional green and white colors. In modern times the argyle pattern can be any combination of any two colors. Traditionally bright colors have been used but now just about any color can be used. Argyle socks are not just for men any longer either.

They are now worn by women and kids as well. Argyle socks for women/girls are now made in a variety of pastel colors as well as the traditional brighter colors. Argyles for men are also now made with more subdued browns, blues, and other dark colors.

Argyle socks regained popularity in the 1980's with Preppies. They have been popular with golfer's as well. They are generally machine knitted with a light cotton or synthetic fiber for comfort and ease of wear. .

By: Jerry Smith


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