Sweet NCAA Tourney Predictions

Monday March 20th, 2006 NCAA Tourney Predictions.Atlanta Region.Duke (1) vs. LSU (4).The Duke Blue Devils are coming off a victory over the George Washington Colonials with a final score of 74-61. The LSU Tigers are coming off a victory over the Texas A&M Aggies with a final score of 58-57.

Duke, of course, has the second leading scorer in the nation, J.J. Redick, and Sheldon Williams, who is an inside threat.LSU, however, also has its respected players including forward Glen Davis, a 6'9 320 lbs. overwhelming, superior force in the paint who averages a double double with 18.

6 PPG and 10 RPG, and Darrel Mitchell a 5'11 178 lbs. guard who averages 17.3 PPG and 4.5 APG.

Both teams have put up their cases as to why they should win?, however, I am going to go with the Dukies.Final Score: 76-74.Texas (2) vs. West Virginia (6).

This match up should be interesting. Texas, in my opinion, is overrated?and WVU is underrated. I am not saying that WVU is better than Texas, but this game will be a LOT closer then many expect. One thing that really helps a team is a power forward that can shoot the three and go inside.

West Virginia, of course, has that in Kevin Pittsnogle. But, as I have said before, Texas has Aldridge, Gibson, and P.J.

Tucker, who leads Texas in two statistical categories, points and rebounds per game. Because of the fact that John Beilein, in my opinion, is a better coach then Rick Barnes, I will go with West Virginia.Final Score: 80-74.Oakland Region.Memphis (1) vs. Bradley (13).

Bradley, a 13 seed, has just come off of upsets against 4th seeded Kansas, a team expected by many to get to the final four, and another upset victory over the Panthers of Pittsburgh. But, all Cinderella stories eventually come to an end. To further prove the point, Memphis is just too powerful and athletic; It's led by Sophomore Deron Washington Jr.

and Senior Rod Carney. Final Score: 81-68.UCLA (2) vs. Gonzaga (3).Wow, I have no respect for Adam Morrison, but he, and his team, is/are both very good. Although UCLA struggled against Alabama, Gonzaga will NOT be able to handle UCLA at all and we will see a big blow out.

But, then again, Morrison might explode because of the fact that he didn't play well in their 90-80 victory over Indiana. But, it could be the other way around. He could be beginning to slump.To conclude, I strongly believe the Bulldogs of Gonzaga will be going home on the 23rd of March.

Final Score: 86-72.Washington D.C. Region.Connecticut (1) vs.

Washington (5).Connecticut is athletic, experienced, well coached, and fundamentally sound. I am very happy that Washington beat Illinois, because Illinois is much more skilled then Washington.

Illinois would have a much better chance of beating UConn, and in my bracket I have UConn winning the whole thing. I have respect for Washington and all, don't get me wrong.but I just don't see this upset happening.

If you have great players and a great coach (Jim Calhoun), then the chance of getting upset GREATLY decreases. Final Score: 83-74.Wichita St. (7) vs. G. Mason (11).

Well, I think most people would agree that this is a very interesting match up between two teams about which most people know only a limited amount. One thing I do know is that George Mason is a team with balanced scoring. Five players for George Mason average double figures including Forwards Jai Lewis 6-7 275lbs, Will Thomas 6-7 220lbs., and Folarin Campbell 6-4 200lbs.

They average 14.0, 11.8, and 10.6 points a game respectively. Wichita State seems the same way. It also balances its scoring with 4 players averaging in double figures.

To me, this game is a toss up, but with the help of an hour's research I have decided to add a win to Wichita State's already historic season.Final Score: 72-67.Minneapolis Region.

Villanova (1) vs. Boston College (4).Boston College is led by forwards Jered Dudley and Craig Smith (1st Team All ACC). Villanova is led by Guards Randy Foye, Allan Ray, Kyle Lowry, and Mike Nardy. So as you can see, BC is big man oriented and Villanova is guard oriented. Well, when it comes to this you have to pick which is more valuable in the NCAA Tourney, guards or big men?.

Guards are the players you really have to depend on in late game situations because of their three point and driving ability. Alternatively, big men get to the free throw line more and makeup for the fact that they can not shoot the three, by getting three point plays and they are more apt to score.To conclude, most games in the NCAA Tournament, especially Sweet 16 games, are close. As I said, guards are key in late game situations. BUT you need big men to rebound! And with Villanova starting four guards, although it hasn't made much of a difference this year, I think it will now come back and slap them in the face.

As I said, Boston College is a team with star big men that will totally DOMINATE the boards and Smith will have a monstrous game. BC will pull away late with the victory.Final Score: 74-71.

Florida (3) vs. Georgetown (7).This game should be a very good one. Georgetown was very hot and went on a six game winning streak, during which it beat Duke and Pittsburgh, but then it began to cool down with losses to West Virginia, Marquette, Villanova, South Florida, and Syracuse.

Florida is hot right now, with seven straight victories. Take that and add in the fact that it has 5 double digit scores, and you get a beat down of Georgetown.Final Score: 80-63.


By: Mac Fountain


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