Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment

The goalie in ice hockey has the most dangerous job ?to stop the puck (sometimes zooming in at 160 km/h) from entering the goal-net. This task is fraught with injuries and so a goalie's equipment is crafted to provide more protection than that of the other players.The goalie chest protector is a safety vest made of molded plastic with specialized elbow pads, bicep and forearm protection.

The chest protector is surprisingly lightweight to allow the goalie's unrestricted movement. Chest protectors may cost from $100 to $200, depending on quality.There are many helmet designs for ice hockey goalies.

It must be lightweight and shock-resistant and have a foam cushion lining for comfort. Ideally helmets will feature built-in sweat absorption bands. The wire-net for the face must be made of specialized unbreakable chrome steel.

Helmets, which cost about $150 to $250 must be thoroughly checked for comfort and safety before purchase.Ice hockey goalies use catch gloves to stop the puck. The glove must be tough while providing complete freedom for wrist movement and have wristbands for protection. A single glove would cost about $125. The goalie also uses a goal blocker for his other hand to block the puck from entering the net.

Again it should be tough enough; a good goal blocker costs around $45.Ice hockey goalies have leg pads that are heavily padded for complete calf and shin protection. In addition they contain kneepads and ankle pads.

Most leg pads are closed at the feet to provide protection for toes and soles. They are made of reinforced plastic with nylon linings for comfort. Pads should contour the feet for a good fit. Leg pads are expensive, at around $300 to $350 a pair.Goalies are also provided with a throat protector to guard against direct shots, as well as lacerations and abrasions from his helmet.

Throat protectors vary in cost, from $20 to $75, depending on the degree of protection they provide.Skates used by ice hockey goalies differ from those of other players. These skates are faster moving and provide movement not only forward and backward, but also sideways. Goalie skates may cost up to $350. Goalie sticks are similar to those of other ice hockey players, with hardwood shafts covered in fiberglass and broad blades and cost about $50 to $70.Goalie equipment is expensive.

Buying it online will save a few dollars. But if a goalie wishes to buy online, the size should be carefully considered for maximum efficiency and protection.

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By: Kent Pinkerton


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