Everyone Loves Athletics

There is no better way to spend an afternoon than by taking on a few friends in a game of pickup basketball or by shooting a round of golf. Who doesn't love to have time to play a game of pool or to go for a jog? No matter if the sport is being played for fun or for something a little more serious, most people love athletics. There is something about athletics that gets people excited, brings them together for a common cause, and keeps them healthier all at the same time.

Maybe people enjoy athletics so much because there are tons of role models to look to in any sport. An aspiring tennis player can look to collegiate or professional tennis players and be inspired to keep working on their serve. A little boy who loves all kinds of athletics can find a hero in any sport he enjoys. We love athletics because our culture loves and fames athletes.

We love to watch athletics live or even on television any chance we get because we just cannot get enough of it.

Few things can bring more excitement to a room full of men than exciting athletics. Many men even love to bet against each other on the outcomes of big games in many sports. Even if they do not have the excitement of playing athletics themselves, people surely get a high off of watching others do athletics well. And that is a great thing about athletics: you do not have to be good at them to enjoy them. Anyone can get just as much enjoyment out of athletics.

There are some people, however, for whom watching athletics on television or even live is not enough. Their love for certain sports pulls them, requires them even, to participate in athletics themselves. They must exert physical and mental energy and try to conquer a sport on their own. They get no bigger thrill than to find success in a local basketball league or in a raquetball competition.

Sure, winning is great, but playing and competing is enough for many.

Those who choose to take their love of the game beyond the television set to a local gym or an outdoor court are doing themselves a favor. While enjoying the athletics they love, these people are actually staying in shape and doing great things for their personal health. And perhaps that is the best part about athletics: you can love them, participate in them, and care about the health of your body all at once. If only everyone could love athletics enough to pick up a sport or two themselves.

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