Dos for Gymnasts Parents

Parents sometimes wonder what they can do to help improve their gymnast's success and enjoyment of the sport of gymnastics. Here are 30 things that can help enhance your gymnast's experience of the sport:.1. Do concentrate on your gymnast's individual progress as the best measure of their gymnastics success.2. Do emphasize to your gymnast that gymnastics should be fun.

3. Do provide your gymnast with all of the financial and moral support they need.4. Do get your gymnast to practice and meets on time.

5. Do praise and give regular doses of positive feedback to your gymnast.6.

Do participate fully in any and all fundraising efforts, as this will inevitably improve your own gymnast's experience in the sport.7. Do show an active interest in your gymnast's participation in the sport.8.

Do leave the coaching to the gymnastics professionals.9. Do support the gym and coaches in any way you can.10. Do communicate with your gymnast's coaches about your gymnast's goals and progress.

11. Do inform your gymnast's coaches about any relevant issues happening at home that might affect your gymnast at practice or in competition.12.

Do provide moral support for your gymnast.13. Do provide emotional guidance for your gymnast.14. Do learn as much as possible about gymnastics so you can communicate with and understand your gymnast and what they are going through.15.

Do make allies with the gym owner and your gymnast's coaches.16. Do maintain a positive attitude about your gymnast and their participation in gymnastics.17. Do understand the inherent difficulty in winning at gymnastics meets.

There can be up to 120 competitors at a meet and only three medals awarded in each event.18. Do help give your gymnast a healthy perspective on their success or lack of it in the sport.19. Do allow yourself to get pleasure from your gymnast's participation in gymnastics, but do not get overly emotionally involved.20.

Do enjoy yourself and let your gymnast enjoy gym meet trips.21. Be relaxed, calm, and positive when watching your child practice or compete. Your positive attitude can improve how well your child performs and how they feel about their gymnastics.22. Do have or get a life of your own outside of your gymnast's participation in gymnastics.

23. Do make friends with other parents at the gym and at meets. They are the only ones who will understand what you and your gymnast go through.24. Do socialize and allow your gymnast to socialize at meets to make the event more fun for them and you.

25. Do work with other parents to ensure that all gymnasts can enjoy the sport and competitions.26. Do volunteer and help as much as you can at the gym. The level of your gymnast's gymnastics experience depends in large part on the time and energy you and other parents donate to the program.27.

Do recognize your gymnast's accomplishments.28. Do show your gymnast unconditional love and make sure they know you love them whether they win or lose or fall.29.

Do be a positive role model for your gymnast in terms of good sportsmanship.30. Do keep a perspective and sense of humor about your gymnast's participation in the sport. You both will enjoy it more that way.


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