Canadas Passion for the Game

Canada is a vast sparse country larger than the United States but with an approximate population of California. They are a peaceful nation and an active participant in the United Nations as peacekeepers.Canada has always been somewhat inferior to its bigger cousin. It gets somewhat monotonous hearing the USA chirp about their many achievements.

Living so close to the international border, most Canadians view enough foreign television about the American dream. It is enough to make most Canadian a bit tired of all the fuss. In fact, many Canadians smirk when Americans get themselves into a little hot water.It is no wonder that Canada keeps sacred some homegrown sports in which they have more often than not dominated. Ice hockey is Canada's game. Canadians hold firm the belief that its babies are born with skates.

Ouch!.It is hard to refute that Canadians have a passion for their game, which rivals that of Europeans and South Americans for soccer. I mean football! Canadians eat, sleep and play hockey. They play the game 12 months of the year. Their American cousins have tried and at times succeeded in holding the mantle. The Russians have also had runs at supremacy.

But, arguably, Canada is the world power of hockey in men's and women's hockey.It is no wonder that any finish short of gold in any Olympics is a failure. This is a heavy load on the shoulders of all those that wear the red and black Canadian jersey. They are expected to win. Period.

Canadians, at any given time, can field 2 or 3 teams that could dominate most other international teams. On paper they cannot lose. But games need to be played before a winner is decided.

A broken play, a bad shift, a lost breakaway chance or an outright loss brings on the preachers. Why were not Spezza, Staal or Crosby not on the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics team?.Canadians will eat their own if their titans faulter. After all, Canada is king of the rink! Hmmm. Enjoy the drama!.

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By: Jack Shadow


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