Bucks A Beaten Team Even Before Last Night

It seems the Milwaukee Bucks were in complete disaray even before taking the court lst night in Detroit and getting run out of the arens. Lot's of unhappy Bucks, namely Jamaal Magloire and rookie Andrew Bogut. Neither was too happy with their role this year."My biggest disappointment is I wish I was out there contributing and helping this team win," said Magloire, who had eight points and four rebounds in 23 minutes on Wednesday. "Coach is going to make the decisions, and I'm just going to do what he asks of me.As expected, Magloire will be the one leaving town, and quite a few teams should be quite interested even though he is due over $8 next year.

The Canadian nataive hopes to land in his hometown, Toronto, as a Raptor for the 2006-07 campaign.Magloire was acquired from New Orleans to help Bogut from being pushed around inside and started all 82 games for the Bucks. Bogut was moved to power forward while Magloire played the center position.

Bogut, the #1 overall selection in the 2006 NBA Draft, was also not pleased by his reduced role this season. He wanted to be involved more in the offense, rather than just setting screens for the Bucks shooters, Michael Redd and Bobby Simmons and getting garbage points on the inside off rebounds.Many observers expect the Bucks to build the team around him and the youngster will have to show some patience ask LeBron James, atleast Bogut's team got to the post-season in his rookie year, King James just now got there in his 3rd year in the league.But, all was not a wash for Bogut, as he was named to the All-NBA rookie team as he led all rookies in rebounds (7.

0), field goal percentage (.533) and blocks (.83), while adding 9.4 points and 2.3 assists in 28.

6 minutes per game. Bogut finished 5th in the entire NBA in field goal percentage, connecting on 323 of 606 attempts.It is also not a certaintly that coach Terry Stotts will return in 2006-07, as the Bucks may be looking for a coach that is more willing to run the offense through their young superstar in the making.

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By: John Onan


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