A Player For The Ages

Imagine that you've just won the championship game in your professional sport. You are on top the world and it seems as though nothing could bring you down. Then suddenly and without warning two weeks later you suffer a stroke.

Most people would lose all hope, especially if they were initially paralyzed. Most people wouldn't even think that there would be a possibility of returning to their sport. Not if you're Tedy Bruschi.Tedy Bruschi did suffer a stroke a couple weeks after his New England Patriots won their third Super Bowl. Most people thought his career was over and were just praying that he would make a full recovery and resume a normal life.

Tedy Bruschi exhibits those qualities rarely found in today's professional sports athlete. He has moral character, responsibility, respect and work ethic. Bruschi is a quality individual, so it should have been no surprise that he recovered from his stroke and was able to resume his professional football career.Unlike Fred Smoot of the Minnesota Vikings, Bruschi has never been the type of player to trash talk his opponents and he didn't do it prior to his return on Sunday Night Football. He just went about his business. Bruschi had a good game and was named defensive player of the week by the NFl.

He brought tears to this football fan. I'm a Dolphins fan but I found myself cheering the Patriots and Bruschi onto victory Sunday Night.Bruschi fits in well to the Patriots game plan. They are a team filled with quality players who embrace a team concept rather then an individual player concept.

Bruschi does have responsibility. While making his recovery, Bruschi attended team meetings and practices. He wanted to be prepared in case he was able to return to the Patriots. What a professional.

No one would have blamed Bruschi if he didn't attend meetings and practices. We would have understood.This also shows the work ethic that Bruschi puts into his game preparation. He takes responsibility for his preparation and is committed to working hard to prepare himself for game time.Bruschi respects his team. Bruschi mentioned prior to game time that he put his faith in his doctors and coaches to decide if they would let him return.

He said that he has always listened to his coaches and their advice in these types of matters (ESPN).Bruschi underwent months of rehabilitation and made a miraculous return to his sport. We salute Bruschi and believe the NFL needs more players like him. hopes that Bruschi continues to have a great career. We will be watching to see how he does.

.Anthony B.

is the founder and owner of a news, political and sports commentary website.

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By: Anthony Bloch


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