Golf is a sport that can take a life time to master, and is truly an enjoyable journey on the way to perfecting your game. Learn from the pros at Big Sky Chambers how to best play!

The earliest known reference to golf comes from King James II of Scotland, who, in 1457, issued a ban on the playing of golf and football (soccer). Those games, James complained, were keeping his archers from their practice. James III in 1471 and James IV in 1491 each re-issued the ban

on golf. But the game continued to develop in Scotland over the decades and centuries, until 1744 when the first-known rules of golf were put down in writing in Edinburgh. Golf as it was then played would be easily recognized by any modern golfer. But can it be said that the Scots "invented" golf? Not quite.
because there's strong evidence that the Scots were influenced themselves by even earlier versions of games that were similar in nature.

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The playing field in golf is known as the "golf course." The standard golf course is divided into 18 separate fields of play known as " holes." You initiate play by hitting your ball with a club from a "teeing ground." You complete play on each of the 18 holes by playing your ball into the hole in

the ground. The basic short-term objective of the game is to get your ball into the hole in the fewest possible strokes.
The basic long-term objective ...

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Oxygen Driver 460cc

The Oxygen Type S Driver is designed to fit all types of players from high handicappers to better players. The size of the driver pushes the USGA volume to the limit at 460cc's of pure power. Larger volume means more distance and more forgiveness, nd this club head provides it. Featuring thin-face beta titanium for maximum rebound, the smooth rounded profile looks great and plays like a winner.

The Impex hybrid

The Impex hybrid Plus features triple rear weighting for forgiveness on long approach shots It is the

perfect complement to the Impex Oversize 2 woods and irons. Meant to replace the hard to hit #3, 4, & 5 irons, the Impex Hybrid Plus created higher and longer distance, as well as more forgiveness due to its wider sole. Features triple back weighting for increased MOI and resistance to twist, and the 3-way sole accommodates multiple lie angles.

TSynchron Hybrid Woods

Unlike a standard head profile which has a crown that adds weight to the top and moves the center of gravity higher.

The Medic Hybrid Wood scoops the weight from the top and moves them to the sides.

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